If you are a volleyball true lover, you must have heard of Anongporn Promrat, the Thai beauty we are introducing today. The 180 cm tall beauty is a volleyball player who currently plays as a middle-blocker in Khonkaen Star VC. Let’s check out her stunning moments on the court now!

We have never seen a female volleyball player could be as sexy as Anongporn before. Aside from preparing to play volleyball professionally, Anongporn is also an ever-changing model that suits different costumes with her slender figure. Which outfit do you like Anongporn wearing most?

The Thai beauty loves taking selfies to share her stunning outfit with her followers on Instagram, which now has over 64.8k followers worldwide. With the love of her fans, she has gained wide exposure on the internet and become one of the hottest KOL in Thailand.

Keep going, Anongporn! You look so charming in your games! Just don’t forget to upload your latest photo on social media as we love to see more charming photos from you!

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