Have you heard of Mahjong, a tile-based game that was developed during the Qing dynasty in China? Haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry! Sayaka Okada (岡田紗佳), a professional Mahjong player from Japan, is going to introduce Magjong to you.

Seems we still don’t have an idea of what Mahjong is as we are all distracted from Sayaka’s stunning photos, right? Nevermind, we just can’t help ourselves from scroll down to check out more photos of Sayaka lol

After looking at Sayaka’s photos, it’s not surprising that we are all interested in learning more about Sayaka than Mahjong. Sayaka Okada (岡田紗佳) was born on 19 Feb 1994 in Japan. She is 170cm tall, weighs 53 kg. She is mixed-race, half Japanese, half Chinese, fluent in both languages which help her to master her Mahjong skills through the training with Chinese players.

Aside from Mahjong, Sayaka loves sharing her mix and match of her styling on Instagram, which has over 120k followers. Sayaka also released her photo album “muse” and “secret trip”, she just looks perfect in different costume!

If you are interested in both Sayaka Okada and Mahjong, you might follow her Instagram and watch her competition recap on Youtube.

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