Do you like watching live streaming, especially hosted by a mixed-race beauty? If you do, you will definitely be interested in Xiangyu Zeng a half Taiwanese and half Thai gaming streamer. With her busty figure and outstanding appearance, she gained attention from netizens and her Instagram reached 327k followers.

Xiangyu Zeng usually plays League of Legends with her fans and streams on Twitch. After looking at Xiangyu Zeng’s photos, it’s not surprising that we are all interested in learning more about her than her gaming skills. Even though she is not a professional gamer, thousands of people watch her stream to appreciate her stunning outfit.

The 164cm tall beauty loves to watch anime and play video games in her spare time. She usually starts live streaming on Twitch to play games and chat with her fans. If you want to chat with Xiangyu Zeng and share funny moments with her, you might follow her Twitch channel and stay tuned.

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