How often do you check out the news? Every two days? Or you are not that sensitive about what is happening in society? Let’s check out Tani Asako, a Japanese anchor, I bet you will check out the news every day from now on.

News with a charming anchor is not only informative, a good looking anchor definitely makes the news more enjoyable to watch.

Checking out Tani Asako once a day seems not enough? No worries! Tani Asako loves to share her moments of life on Instagram, which has over 100k followers. Scroll down to check out her stunning photos now!

From Tani Asako’s photo, it is undeniable that she looks so confident with her perfect body. What if Tani Asako can eat 98 plates of sushi, or 16 udon/3.8kg meat/14 250g hamburger steak at once? Yea….. it is unfair that she never gains weight even consuming that much food.

Tani Asako was born on 20 May 1993, Japan. She is 155cm tall, weighs 41 kg. Tani Asako also has her YouTube channel, which usually share her eating video and make up tutorial to her followers.

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*Images sourced from Internet