The Korean entertainment industry has always been very competitive. The popularity of a group or a singer can drop dramatically in a few years, and there is no exception for well-known girl groups. The severe competition push idols to find ways to keep themselves popular and competitive in the industry. Leezy Lin (이해인), a Korean idol, just find her way of gaining fans on YouTube.

Leezy Lin was born on 19 Apr 1986 in Japan. She is 169cm tall, weighs 45 kg. Lin Lizhi (이해인), the 34 years old became popular in her early years for shooting a photocopying machine commercial. Later, she joined the Gangkiz girl group as her debut. With her pure appearance and short hair looked, she was given the opportunity to participate in many Korean dramas, but it was a pity that she failed to become popular after years of hard work.

As YouTube becomes more and more popular among teenagers, it becomes a great social media platform for idols to keep their popularity by turning viewers into their die-hard fans. Leezy Lin is a perfect example of seizing the opportunity to transform herself from an idol into a sexy Youtuber. With her outstanding piano skill and perfect figure, Leezy has caught the attention of netizens and her channel has grown rapidly to over 624k subscribers.

Even though we don’t know much about piano, we just can’t help ourselves not clicking on her next video, especially the videos covering well-known anime songs such as “Inuyasha”, “Demon Slayer”, “My Neighbor Totoro” and so on. If you would like to check out more sexiness from Leezy, you might follow her Instagram and YouTube channel “이지Leezy” and stay tuned for her latest updates.

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