One big misconception about girls in developing countries is that they look scruffy and slovenly, compared to girls in the developed countries. Chi Pu (Nguyễn Thùy Chi), a Vietnamese actress and pop singer, might change this false impression.

Chi Pu was born on 14 June 1993 in Vietnam. She is 163cm tall, weighs 42 kg. At the age of 16, Chi Pu participated in the “Miss Vietnam” competition and made it into the top 20 with her beautiful appearance. Afterward, she joined the entertainment industry and became a teen idol.

Chi Pu is very active in the film and television industry. Participating in the LGBT movie, Love (Yêu), marked a milestone in her acting career. The movie also won the Golden Apricot Blossom Awards in 2015. Furthermore, Chi Pu was also invited to act in “Saigon Bodyguards” by Japanese director Ochiai Xian.

Aside from film and television, Chi Pu has the most followers of any Vietnamese actress on Facebook(9m), Instagram(5.3m), and YouTube(1.39m). Chi Pu loves to interact with her fans through social media. She usually shares her moments of life and releases the details of her latest performance.

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