The actresses who starred at Sweet Home, a Netflix Korean drama, has caught lots of attention from viewers from all over the world. Among them, Go Yoon Jung (고윤정) is best known for her role playing Park Yuri, a sad caretaker with a tragic past. The role lead to additional acknowledgment, and become a new generation of plastic surgery templates in Korea! Let’s take a look at her stunning photos now!

Go Yoon-Jung was born on 22 Apr 1996 in South Korea. She is 167cm tall, weighs 51kg. She attended Seoul Woman’s University to study Contemporary Art. After her graduation, she joined MAA Entertainment as a model and actress. After modeling for various commercials of Sports with Nike, Giorgio Armani, she made her acting debut in the drama He Is Psychometric playing Kim So-Hyun.

In 2020, she has appeared in the smash-hit Netflix drama Sweet Home as Park Yu-ri. Not only serving as a medical soldier in the team who helped to deal with wounds and bandages, but she is also capable of firing in real fights. From time to time, you can see her holding a crossbow fighting with enemies!

Go Yoon-Jung usually shares her latest endorsement and modeling photos with her fans on Instagram, which now has over 1.7 million followers. You might also check out Netflix for her stunning performance in Sweet Home.

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