Girl changes fast in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood. With time passing by, you will witness the mature of women by the change of fashion taste and the power of make-up.

It’s just like a girl transformed into a charming woman in a night. Arisa Matunaqa, a Japanese model, is just a perfect example to show the mysterious beauty of the female in transition.

The 22-year-old Japanese model debuted in 2012 under the stage name “Sato Rika”. In the early years, “Sato” only released a few pieces of work and didn’t catch much attention from the public.

After changing her name to “Arisa Matunaqa” in 2015, she had participated in the film “Assassination Classroom” and won the favor of many producers, which has obtained many opportunities to participate in commercials, movies, and Japanese dramas.

In recent years, Arisa’s popularity has risen sharply because of her participation in the variety show “オオカミくんには騙されない” on AbemaTV, a Japanese Internet TV station. After earning public recognition, she was invited by a magazine publisher to publish her first photo album.

Arisa Matunaqa was born on 8 Aug 1998 in Japan. She is 160cm tall, weighs 43 kg. Looking at Arisa’s photo, her appearance has changed totally from a little cute girl to a charming woman. Which side of Arisa do you like most?

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