If you are a K-pop enthusiast, you might heard of the beauty of today – Bomi, member of Girl Crush (걸크러쉬).

Bomi (보미) is a South Korean singer under DAM Entertainment, after joining Girl Crush in 2019, they have released their first digital single “Memories”, which has over 406k of views on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, Bomi also has her own YouTube channel, which usually shares her VLOG and outfit with her fans.

Moreover, Bomi also shares her stunning photos on Instagram, which has over 236k followers. As an idol, Bomi is also an experienced model, she looks so confident and charming in her modeling photos as she fits different shooting theme perfectly.

Some of the fans found Bomi really look alike Mikami Yua, a Japanese AV actress, and idol singer. It is such a pleasure to look at Bomi dancing on stage if you are also the fans of Mikami Yua.

Mikami Yua.

Bomi was born on 12 May 1996, in South Korea. She is 163 cm tall, weighs 45 kg. If you like Girl Crush and Bomi, you can follow her Instagram and enjoy Girl Crush’s music on YouTube.

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