2020 was a tough year. The emotional fatigue caused by the global pandemic is real and affects us all. Here’s how Yuuna Suzuki, a model, and KOL from Japan, can make 2020 mean something with the healing power of her smile.

From Yuuna’s intoxicating smile, it is hard to believe that she is 28 years old. From her innocent appearance, Yuuna seems to have the magical power to freeze her from aging.

Yuuna Suzuki was born on 11 Aug 1992 in Japan. She has debuted as a model at “Seventeen”, a popular fashion magazine, at age 16. She then joined “non-no”, a feminine fashion magazine, as their exclusive model. Yuuna usually shares her lovely photos on Instagram, which has over 174k followers.

Apart from modeling, you might also check out her Youtube channel, which has over 20k followers, to discover yet another side of Yuuna. She looks so cute while eating the super spicy Japanese noodle!

Yuuna has participated in different shootings, such as drama, reality shows, and TV commercials. If you are interested, you google “地狱少女”, “くらしのサプリ!集合!铃木三姊妹” to see more acting from Yuuna.

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