Winnie Lin (林襄), nicknamed Mizuki, a Taiwanese KOL and model, was born on 5th Sep 1997, Taiwan.

She loves to travel and share her stunning outfits on Instagram, which has over 447k followers. Mizuki is also a streamer on LIVIT who loves to chat with her followers and playing games with them occasionally. If you want to have a chat with Mizuki, you might search “瑞希Mizuki” on LIVIT.

Aside from her channel, she also participated in modeling for magazines. Being an experienced model, Mizuki knows how to mix and match her outfit with different makeup styles. Let’s see how stunning and confident Mizuki in her modeling photos!

Mizuki is 160cm tall, weighs 42 kg. She loves reading comics and watch anime in her spare time. She is a coser who wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent different animate characters. She acts so cool and lovely in different characters!

As a famous influencer in Taiwan, Mizuki is invited by “小明星大跟班”, a popular variety show in Taiwan, to join the show and shares her stunning photos in her photo albums with her fans.

The video has over 285k views. If you are interested, you may search for “【完整版】性感網紅排位戰!! 2020.03.03小明星大跟班” on YouTube and you will admire her amazing performance.

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