Having a little sister may get you annoyed sometimes, but you will never get bored if you have a cute little sister like Yurika, a beauty from Japan. Imagine Yurika holding a PS5 controller and invite you to play with her, or grabbing a grape trying to feed you, she is just so adorable and you never got too tired to pull her cheeks. Let’s play with Yurika now!

Wagatsuma Yurika was born on 15 May 2000, Japan. She is 161cm tall, weighs 42 kg. Yurika loves to share her moments of life on Instagram, which has over 47.4k followers. If you would like to check out more photos from Yurika, you might follow her Instagram account to stay tuned.

Looking at Yurika’s stunning photos, she just looks like your litter sister when she is acting cute, while she looks like your elder sister when she showing off her perfect figure with her seductive outfits.

It’s doesn’t matter if she looks like your little sister or elder sister, what matters is she acts like my sister who loves to share her moments of life with all of us.

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