What do you think about girls with abs? Shape and athletic-looking is becoming the mainstream, and girls with abs are getting more popular nowadays. If you looking for an athletic one, Shibuya Yuri, a Japanese model and fitness trainer, is definitely worth taking a glance at her shaped body.

Shibuya Yuri was born on 18 Oct 1989 in Japan. She is 163cm tall, weighs 46 kg. Yuri is a trilingual( Japanese/English/Chinese) fitness trainer, who loves sharing her fitness photos on Instagram, which has over 1.1m followers.

Looking for a gym tutorial? You might check out Yuri’s youtube channel “渋谷ゆりの美ボディ#ゆり活Yuri Shibuya” to follow her instruction and get some athletic advice. Try your best to focus on her instructions and not to get distracted by her alluring body.

Before becoming a fitness enthusiast, Yuri has released her photo album “ゆり色” as a model in 2015, which shows her less muscular but the natural feminine body. Try google her album if you are interested.

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