If you love watching Japanese drama, you might already notice how cute is Yoshioka Riho. From one of the interviews, Riho shared that she was greatly influenced by her parents who engaged in the film industry and aroused her deep interest in acting.

During her university years, she treasured every opportunity and participated in different auditions, even if each audition took an 8-hour drive from Kyoto to Tokyo. After years of hard work, her effort pays off, and she becomes one of the hottest actresses in Japan.

Riho has participated in different drama series, including “あさが来た” and “Quartet”, her magnum opus. With her cute smile and professional acting, she suits different characters perfectly. Let’s look at Riho’s photo to find out your favorite character!

Yoshioka Riho (吉岡里帆) was born on 15 Jan 1993 in Japan. She is 170cm tall, weighs 53 kg. Aside from acting, Riho loves sharing her moments of life on Instagram, which has over 2.7m followers. If you are interested in Yoshioka Riho, you might follow her Instagram or search for her photo album “里帆採取” for more stunning photos.

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