Sexy anime character or sweet sister? It’s hard to choose between them, right? A girl with both characteristics is very charismatic and you can’t help yourself not looking at her. Let’s check out Kominato Yuka (小湊優香), a Japanese model who also cosplay different anime characters in her spare time.

Kominato Yuka was born on 28 Oct 1994 in Japan. She is 158cm tall, weighs 43 kg. She loves reading comics and watches anime. You can admire her cosplay photos along with her latest photo album “艶彩 -ツヤイロ”, she just looks perfect in different costume!

Want to check out more photos of Kominato Yuka? No worries! She loves sharing her moments of life on Instagram, which has over 20k followers. She looks both sexy and sweet in her photos. Let’s scroll down to check out her stunning photos now!

Keep going, Yuka! You look so charming in different roles and costumes. We love to see more happy moments of your life and remember to keep sharing them on Instagram!

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