Due to the epidemic, wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways to prevent coronavirus infection. Even though it is good for medical purpose, it covers the pretty face of beauties and we cannot admire them in-person.

Don’t be disappointed though! Maiko, a Japanese secretary, is a perfect example showing you we could still enjoy stunning photos of beautiful ladies even when they are covered with mask!

Usually, beauties we featured are always smiling with their charming outlook. Although the mask has covered Maiko’s face, it seems that we can still see her smiling with her pretty eyes! Let’s take a look at her “smile” in her photos.

Secretary always looks glamorous and Maiko is no exception. It would be hard for her boss and colleagues to focus on meeting and not look at her. As Maiko is wearing a mask in her photos, her stunning outfits are definitely the highlights that makes her look even sexier.

Maiko also has her own blog which she shares her moments of life with her followers. If you are interested, you can also check out her twitter and Instagram account.

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*Images sourced from Internet