This is a very mysterious beauty. There is not much information about her available and all we can found are some album photos during her debut at the age of 18. Let’s check out her photos and discover more information about her now.

Luna Sawakita was born on 11 Nov 1998 in Japan. She is 162cm tall, weighs 46 kg. After her debut as a model at age 18, she was hailed as the “Strongest newbie” thanks to her perfect body ratio. With her busty figure, she has gained a lot of attention and became the cover model of “Weekly PLAYBOY” magazine.

After releasing a few photo albums and becoming the cover model of well-known magazines such as JUMP, YOUNG ANIMAL, Luna hasn’t participated much in shooting and seems to step away from the entertainment industry.

In one of her interviews, she said that she is an outgoing girl who loves to play sports, especially basketball. Unlike her shinny appearance, she is such a shy girl that she usually doesn’t speak out loud and get nervous easily when she gets along with another person.

If you are interested in Luna, you might check out her Instagram account, which has over 3,900 followers, or search for her latest photo album “澤北るな プロフィール”.

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