Who said man cannot be gold digger? We are pursuing gender equality nowadays! Have you ever imagine having a model girlfriend and her dad is the owner of the biggest chained Ramen restaurant in Japan?

We are introducing Moca Hashimoto, a Japanese beauty who might make your dream comes true.

Although Moca’s family is rich enough to support her spending, she had to work really hard as a Uber Eats driver in order to pursue her dream – be a famous actress.

“Even though your dad is rich, you have to pay your own bill in order for you to experience and grow as a mature adult”, Moca said in one of her interviews.

Moca works really hard and her effort pays off eventually. She becomes a model and started her social media platform on Instagram, which has over 55.3k followers now. Let’s check out her lovely photos!

Moca was born on 28 July 1998, Japan. She is 173cm tall, weighs 42 kg. She loves discovering different tasty food and share her mix and match of her outfit on Instagram. If you want to see more stunning photos from her, follow her Instagram now!

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