How many underwear do you have in your wardrobe? Normally not much with a few styles, right? “Come on, you only got one butt…”, men will never understand why there is so much underwear with a variety of styles in their girlfriend’s wardrobe.

You might change your mind after taking a look at photos of Niu Niu, a Taiwanese underwear model.

Niu Niu is the owner of her clothing store “NiuNiu衣櫥”, which is located in Taipei. Niu Niu loves to share modeling photos with her new products on Instagram, which has over 15k followers.

Looking at Niu Niu’s stunning photos, it seems she just turn those underwear into her daily wear. After having a proper display of the underwear with Niu Niu, it is understandable why girls needs a variety of underwear and how a perfect suit of underwear can help to make them more seductive.

Let’s take reference from Niu Niu’s photo and pick your favorite underwear for your girl to have some fun with her.

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