APINK, a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2011, is Play M Entertainment’s most popular girl group. All 6 members in APINK have their personal charisma and talent. Today we are covering Son Na-eun, the singer and dancer, who left Play M Entertainment while remaining as a member of APINK and joined YG Entertainment as an actress recently.

Son Na-eun (손나은) was born on 10 Feb 1994 in South Korea. She is 168cm tall, weighs 45kg. Surprisingly, Naeun originally dreamed to become a painter, and coincidentally stumbled upon auditions for South Korean record label JYP Entertainment. Afterwards, she was notified on passing their audition and subsequently became a trainee under the agency. She gained popularity following her debut as a member of the South Korean girl group, APINK, in 2011.

Apart from her group’s activities, Naeun has also starred in various television series such as Second 20s (2015), Cinderella with Four Knights (2016), The Most Beautiful Goodbye (2017), and Dinner Mate (2020). After joining YG Entertainment as an actress, Naeun dedicated herself into acting. Keep going, Naeun! You look so charming in both films and televisions. We love to see more charming moments of your life in the upcoming television series!

Naeun usually shares her latest endorsement and modeling photos with her fans on Instagram, which has over 3 million followers. You might also check out APINK’s YouTube channel for the latest performance of Naeun and stay tuned for updates.

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