Have you ever try looking at something and you didn’t realize time is passing? Try not to stare at Erin, a girl that combines with sweet, cool and much more, you will lost hours if you do so.

When you first saw Erin, you will definitely notice her height. Tall ladies always have a different kind of attractiveness, and combine with the perfect posture that rarely seen from other ladies, Erin is very unique in her own ways.

Sunshine and bikinis are the best decorations for Erin, that healthy vibe is positive and energetic. She belongs to the beach and would definitely be the spot-on whenever she does.

But Erin is more than just sporty, she could handle different styles with different outfit. Sweet, cool, cute…you could name it all. It’s hard to be sexy and sweet at the same time, but not the case for Erin.

We got Erin’s instagram below, but before going in we gotta warn you…it might took you hours to get out. Make sure you got some spare time before clicking on that!

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