Do you like watching sports? Sports like football and basketball can be competitive and intensive to watch by, but the addition of cheerleading plays its own magic in creating a harmonious atmosphere and make the game even more visually-enjoyable during break time. If you’ve ever watched a sports event in Taiwan, you may have noticed the cheerleaders’ effortless acrobatic performances.

Ava Wu is a charming cheerleader of Team Rakuten (a professional baseball team in Taiwan). She was born on 26 July 1986, 160cm tall, weighs 45 kg. With her personal charisma and professional cheerleading skill, Rakuten Girl has become the most popular cheerleading team in Taiwan.

Rakuten girls have been invited to join different variety shows in Taiwan. Among those variety shows, Ava’s performance in 國光幫幫忙之大哥是對的 , the popular variety show aiming for discovering hot girls, has caught lots of attention from netizens and the show even made a collection for her:

Aside from cheering for Team Rakuten, Ava has participated in different jobs like publishing her first album, releasing her first music album, and hosting variety shows. For those who are interested, you may search for 天天和你在苡起, 《Rock you everyday》and 星光歡樂城 and you will admire her amazing performance.

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