Many people say women age rapidly after 30 years old. They may change their mind after looking at Marika Matsumoto, a popular actress in Japan. Matsumoto seems to have that magical power to freeze her from aging.

Marika Matsumoto was born on 12 Sep 1984 in Japan. She has debuted for nearly 21 years, initially worked as a voice actress and photo actress, but none of them were popular in those early years. She has to wait till 2018, when she finally became popular with her magnum opus, “Holiday Love”. She acts as a cannibal wife and gained wide exposure in Japan.

Apart from her drama, you might also check out her Instagram account to see more daily photos of Matsumoto. From her stunning photos, it is hard to believe she is 36 years old, right?

Matsumoto has participated in many dramas, such as “竜の道二つの顔の復讐者”, “妖怪シェアハウス”, “教場Ⅱ” …etc. If you are interested in Yoshioka Riho, you might follow her Instagram or search for her photo album “MM” for more amazing photos.

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