Which part do you look at girl at first glance? A pair of killer legs would definitely catch gentlemen’s attention in seconds! Today we are covering Bella, a Taiwanese beauty with a pair of white, slender, and straight legs. Try not to stare at Bella, you will lost hours if you do so.

Bella just looks perfect in her stunning photos. It would be a pleasure if she invites you to her place to have some fun together, right? Unfortunately, unlike her appealing outlook, her place looks like a mess, like a really messy room that she can barely walk through it… Let’s check out her room now:

With her slender legs and a perfect body-to-leg ratio, Bella has become one of the hottest streamers on 17 LIVE, a popular streaming platform in Taiwan. Bella loves to share her moments of life with her fans on Instagram, which has over 116k followers.

If you are interested in Bella, you might follow her Instagram and watch her live streaming on her 17 LIVE channel.

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