Looking for a corky and funny beauty to bring joy to you during the boredom covid? Fafa, the Taiwanese beauty we are introducing today, will chill you up with her true personality in just a second.

The 173cm tall beauty has slender legs and a perfect body-to-leg-ratio. With Fafa’s lovely appearance and her corky personality, she won the heart of fans and widened her fan base rapidly. Currently, she has over 389k followers on her Instagram account. Even Fafa has hundreds of thousands of fans, she never puts on a facade and always makes a funny face like crossing somebody’s eyes to please her fans.

FAFA is currently studying in the third year of the Department of Foreign Languages of Zhengxiu University of Science and Technology. What if Fafa is your classmate and jotting notes right next to you? She seems to be having the magic power to make you enchanted with her charming smile.

Aside from being a student, Fafa is also a live streamer. She usually starts live streaming on Twitch to play games and chat with her fans. If you want to chat with Fafa and share funny moments with her, you might follow her Twitch channel and stay tuned.

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