It is hard to find a nice place to eat currently due to the epidemic as most restaurants are closed. No worries! Let’s learn how to make Napolitan with Mizuki Takanashi, a Japanese idol and model, who wears just an apron when she is cooking.

Mizuki has uploaded the tutorial video on her YouTube channel, which has over 258k views, let’s check it out!

Video sourced from Mizuki Takanashi

Just finished watching the video? Do you remember what dishes Mizuki taught in the video? Seems like you just focus on her apron without listening to what she is teaching. (like other 258k people does lol)

Besides cooking, Mizuki also shares her happiness with her followers on Instagram, which has over 51k followers. Like other models, she usually shares her stunning outfits and modeling photos on Instagram.

Mizuki was born on 21 Dec 1997, in Japan. She is 163 cm tall, weighs 48 kg. She is going to publish her first album “GIRLS-PEDIA2020 SUMMER” on 31 Aug 2020. Keep going Mizuki! We love to see more stunning photos from you!

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