Chitose Yoshino(ちとせ よしの), a Japanese model and idol, was born in 8th Jan 2000, Saga-ken, Japan. Saga-ken is a rural area surrounded by green trees that don’t have many buildings and facilities like in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. From Chitose’s appealing outlook, you can’t really tell she was a worker in the local iron factory when she graduated from High School.

Chitose is 158cm tall, weighs 45 kg. Cosplaying is Chitose’s favorite hobby and she participates in cosplay activities once a month. She is one of the most famous coser at that time and has catch the eyes of well-known entertainment agency, SPJ Co., which then invite her to step into the entertainment industry.

She has participated in different jobs like publishing her own photo albums, modeling for magazines, and acting in variety shows. For those who are interested, you may search for《Young Animal》, 《FRIDAYデジタル写真集》and “金曜日のソロたちへ” and you will admire her amazing performance.

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