What kind of music do you prefer in clubs? Pop? Electrical? It seems like music doesn’t matter if it is played by DJ “Miu”, a SNSD Yoona – lookalike Korean DJ.

DJ Miu (미유탱 Miu Taeng) was born in 1995, South Korea. She is 166cm tall, weighs 48 kg. DJ Miu loves to share her moments of life on Instagram, which has over 1.5m followers. If you would like to check out more photos from DJ Miu, you might follow her Instagram account to stay tuned.

Want to discover more about DJ Miu other than photos? No Worries! Dj Miu also has her YouTube channel, which has over 172k followers, you might check out her vlogs and admire her perfect figure in her videos.

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*Images sourced from Internet