Speaking of the top counties of the world with the most beautiful women, Taiwan is definitely on the top list of Asian counties. With the popularity of social media, more and more beauties have been discovered by netizens through their daily web surfing routine. Lynn, a beauty from Taiwan who has been hailed as “Men’s Goddess”, is one of the most popular influencers in Taiwan right now.

Lynn was born on 9 Oct 1995 in Taiwan. The 26-year-old beauty was discovered by netizens on Instagram when she was in the third year of Taipei Shih Hsin University, and the number of followers of her Instagram account has grown rapidly to 500k in four years.

With her popularity, Lynn has become a full-time model and KOL after graduation. She usually shares her stunning photos from her modeling job and her traveling photos. She looks perfect on the beach with her lovely smile!

In an earlier interview, Lynn revealed some of her secrets to the media. She shows her outgoing and talkative personality with her Q&A section.

Reporter: “Which word or phrase you say to your boyfriend most often?”

Lynn: “I am starving”

This is just one of the funny responses from her interview. If you want to check out more funny moments of Lynn, you might check out her interview video with FHM on YouTube.

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