What are the most attractive facial traits that makes a girl more attractive? Most people tend to prefer big eyes, aquiline noses, or fuller lips. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, there is no such an indispensable facial trait as the definition of beauty may vary to different people. Ito Aizhen, the Japanese beauty we are introducing today, has a sweet smile with her cute little canine teeth.

Ito Aizhen was born on 31 Jul 1997 in Japan. She is 157cm tall, weighs 42kg. Since Ito Aizhen joined 01familia, a model and entertainment company in Japan, she has been given lots of opportunities to participate in shooting music videos and commercial advertisements. Let’s take a look at her stunning photos now!

Apart from modeling, Ito Aizhen is also a music lover who participated in the audition of the girl group “Graduate☆Stars” in 2019. With her personal charisma and talent, she has successfully joined the group and debut as a member of the group in the same year. You might check out STYLE OF LOVE, one of the popular songs of the group.

Ito Aizhen usually shares her latest endorsement and modeling photos with her fans on Instagram, which has over 216k followers. If you want to watch more, stay tuned for her lasted update, and subscribe to the group’s official YouTube channel.

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