With the development of 5G and current epidemic, people are spending more time on the internet and becoming influencers to share their moments of life. Some also sell products through their social media channels.

Donna, influencer from Taiwan, has defined the formula of becoming a KOL:

KOL = pretty face + perfect body + cute personality.

Donna usually shares her stunning photos and secrets of getting in good shape on Instagram, which has over 166k followers. With her good figure, she is the perfect model to endorse supplements that gets you in good shape, such as breast enlargement and losing body edema.

Aside from supplements, Donna also has her own photo albums like “奶妹の初體驗第一本實體寫真書“, for those who are interested, you may search the albums and check out her stunning photos.

Donna was born on 1 Mar 1999, in Taiwan. She is 163 cm tall, weighs 48 kg. Besides running her own channel, Donna also participates in video shooting with other popular influencers in Taiwan, like the “痘痘那邊” music video, a song written by WACKBOYS, which has over 13 million views on Youtube.

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