What makes a girl cute to you? Acts like a child? Charming? Yeah, those are the internal factor for you to find a girl is cute after you know her personality. Maria(うんぱい), a cute Japanese beauty with dimples on her cheek will definitely catch your attention when she is smiling at you.

Maria is a perfect example to be cute and sexy at the same time. If you just looks into her face, it is hard for you to figure out she also has a perfect body to carries different charming outfits. What style of outfits you like Maria to wear most? Cute or sexy?

Maria loves to share her lovely outfits and moments of life on Instagram, which has over 250k followers. Maria also share her cosplay photos occasionally on her Instagram. Let’s check out her stunning photos now!

Maria was born in Japan, she is 160cm tall, weighs 43 kg. Maria also has her YouTube channel, for sharing her vlog and makeup tutorial to her followers. If you love to see more lovely photos and funny vlogs, you might follow her Instagram and YouTube channel.

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