Speaking of October, it’s all about Halloween. Halloween is not only for kids trick-or-treating but also for attending costume parties. We have selected 4 coser for you. Let’s check out their costume with their stunning photos now!


伊織もえ, 27, from Tokyo, Japan, was born on January 24, 1993. She is 161cm tall, weighs 42 kg. She has the title of “Most pure cosplayer in Japan”, with her costumes and acting, an anime character just came to life perfectly.

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Firefly, a coser from Taiwan, cute acting with her handmade costume.

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Winnie was born in Taiwan. She is 141cm tall, weighs 40 kg. She loves to play Switch and watch anime in her spare time. If you are a homebody, Winnie will be a perfect match for you.

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Winnie Lin

Winnie Lin (林襄), nicknamed Mizuki, a Taiwanese KOL, model and coser, was born on 5th Sep 1997, Taiwan. She loves to travel and share her stunning outfits on Instagram, which has over 447k followers. Mizuki is also a streamer on LIVIT who loves to chat with her followers and playing games with them occasionally.

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