Sharing brings happiness, sharing beauty photo brings extra happiness! Let’s check out beauties of October and share the joy now!

Beauty from Taiwan – Jenny

Jenny was born in the year of 1997, in Taiwan. She is 165cm tall, weighs 50 kg. She loves to watch anime and play video games in her spare time. If you would like to chat with her or enjoy her gameplay, you may visit her streaming channel at Twitch.

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Beauty from Japan – Moca

Moca was born on 28 July 1998, Japan. She is 173cm tall, weighs 42 kg. She loves discovering different tasty food and share her mix and match of her outfit on Instagram, which has over 8.3k followers.

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Beauty from Korea – Irene

Irene was born on July 3, 1997, in Korea. You wouldn’t think she is only 23 when looking at her photos as she looks so confident with her perfect body when she exercising. Let’s get to the gym and train with Irene to get six-pack abs like her!

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Beauty from Malaysia – Moon Chen

Moon Chen, Miss Astro 2017 and a famous KOL in Malaysia was born on 30 Jun 1996, in Malaysia. Moon loves sharing her stunning outfit and gorgeous modeling photos on Instagram, which has over 500k followers.

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Beauty from Thailand – Nichakarn

Nichakarn, a Thailand model, her sweet smile and perfect body has attracted over 45.9k followers on Instagram.

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