Speaking of summer, it’s time to enjoy not only the sunshine and sea breeze but also the view of lovely girls with their stunning bikini at the beach! Check out how charming our beauties are with their bikini. They are just too hot to handle in this summer!

Blue bikini

Vivian, a selfie expert from Taiwan, loves to take selfies at the beach with a perfect angle to show her temperament with her perfect body shape. Blue is the color of the sky and sea which symbolizes trust, confidence, and intelligence. Vivian looks so confident in her selfie and suits the color of blue very well!

Red bikini

Another beauty from Taiwan, Y.C Chan, looks stunning with her eye-catching red bikini. She is definitely the center of attention on the beach! Red is the color of extremes. It’s the color of seduction, danger, and adventure, which you can see those elements with the expression in her’ s eyes.

White bikini

Feary, an Ever-changing Thai model, has Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese ancestry. Look how attractive and tempting when she is licking her lips! White is the color of perfection, which means safety, purity, and cleanliness. She just looks perfect in white with her cute personality.

Yellow bikini

“knkrsnsn29”, a Japanese pharmacist, loves to play around and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere on the beach in Osaka. Yellow stands for freshness, happiness, and energy. With her yellow bikini, she just radiates joy with her enchanting smile wherever she goes!

Which color of the above bikini do you like most? Seems like color doesn’t matter at all as all of the beauties are so charming and too hot to handle with their own bikini.