Due to the pandemic, you are spending more time at home as many places are closed, right? No worries, we have selected 5 beauties of the month to be here with you:

Beauty from Taiwan – Vicky

Vicky Chuang, a model, showgirl, and cosplayer from Taiwan. With her attractive appearance and perfect body shape, she is one of the most popular models in Taiwan and favored by many people. She loves to share her life and outfits on Instagram, which has over 1 million followers.

Beauty from Japan – Chitose Yoshino

Chitose Yoshino(ちとせ よしの), a Japanese model and idol. Cosplaying is Chitose’s favorite hobby and she becomes one of the most famous coser of all time.

With her perfect appearance, she has caught the eyes of a well-known entertainment agency, SPJ Co., which then invites her to step into the entertainment industry.

Beauty from Korea – Bomi

Bomi (보미) is a South Korean singer under DAM Entertainment, after joining Girl Crush in 2019, they have released their first digital single “Memories”, which has over 406k of views on YouTube.

Beauty from Malaysia – Yumi

Yumi, a sporty lady from Malaysia, named “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces” in the year of 2018-2019.

Yumi loves exercising in the gym regularly and shares her photos on Instagram, which has over 880k followers. Imagine every time you go to the gym and Yumi is cheering for you with her lovely smile, you will be energized on your whole workout.

Beauty from Thailand – Orathai Chadum

Orathai Chadum, a model from Thailand, who radiates joy with her enchanting smile wherever she goes! She loves to share her life and outfits on Instagram, which has over 359k followers. Aside from her perfect outlook, you can feel her vibrant personality when she purses her lips.

We will keep searching for beautiful ladies across Asia. Stay tuned and you will never get bored.