Beauty from Vietnam is mysterious. Not only is their skin fair, but they also look mixed with their pronounced facial features. Gigile, the Vietnamese beauty we are introducing today is a perfect example showing not only her mysterious beauty but also the sexy side of her with her perfect figure.

Gigile (Lê Bích Trăm) was born in 2000 in Vietnam. The 22-years-old beauty founded her own fashion brand “curve_clothes”. Gigile really has a good fashion sense to design the clothing to show her curvy figure and become the perfect model to endorse her own brand. Gigile looks stunning when she is wearing her tight skirt with her slender legs!

Gigile loves sharing her moments of life and mix and match the outfit with her followers on her Instagram account, which now has over 404k followers worldwide. With Gigile’s cute appearance and perfect figure, she has gained herself wide exposure on the internet and become one of the most popular KOLs in Vietnam.

Besides Instagram, Gigile also uploads videos on her Facebook Page to share her makeup video regularly. With her skilled make up technique, it really shows her pronounced facial features. You might also check out Gigile’s Tik Tok channel (@gigile2k1) to stay tuned for her latest updates.

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