Mixed-race beauty is perceived as more attractive. Imagine a beauty that has the combination of the Asian adorable face and the European perfect body frame, and make this fancy beauty become your girlfriend is a dream come true. Let’s check out Naomi Trauden (トラウデン 直美), a Japanese model and KOL, who lives in most of the man’s fantasy.

The 22-year-old beauty is half Japanese and half German, with a perfectly sculpted face and slender legs thanks to the mixed descent. At the age of 13, she was invited to be a model and started shooting for magazines by a talent scout. After entering the industry within a year, she won the beauty pageant “Miss Teen Japan 2013”, and then became the exclusive model of the CanCam magazine.

Naomi Trauden was born on 21 Apr 1999 in Japan. She is 169cm tall, weighs 45 kg. Recently, Naomi Trauden has become the anchor of news programs, and occasionally she will appear on variety shows. Besides modeling, Naomi Trauden loves to interact with her fans through social media in her spare time, which usually shares her mix and match ideas for her outfit and happy moments of life.

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