With the development of technology, the internet becoming more and more accessible and has almost become a necessity for students. The advancement of the internet also makes influencers on social media platform extremely popular. Nguyễn thị kim anh, a Vietnamese beauty we are introducing today, is one of the most popular students influencers in Vietnam. Let’s go back to the campus and enjoy school life with her now!

Nguyễn thị kim anh was born in 2000 in Vietnam. The 21 years old beauty is currently studying in the second year of Nguyen Bicheng University. Nguyễn thị kim anh’s angel face has attracted the attention of netizens all over the world. Many netizens also noticed her busty figure with her tight outfit.

The Vietnamese beauty loves taking a selfie and share her moments of life with her followers on her Instagram account, which now has over 412k followers worldwide. She has gained wide exposure on the internet with her pure appearance and perfect figure and has become one of the most popular KOL in Vietnamese.

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