A beauty who loves physical activities gives an active and outgoing impression, while a beauty who enjoys sedentary activities has an aura of elegance and mystery. Let’s meet Claudia, a half Vietnamese and half Taiwanese, who can be bold and outgoing while remaining the beauty of mystery.

Speaking of physical activities, one might think of activities like running, hiking, or swimming. In Claudia’s point of view, the mentioned activities are just activities no more than just exercising. The real physical activity to her is biking, a speedy activity that can generate a sense of tension just like the scene in Fast and Furious. Claudia looks super cool with her bike!

Claudia not only looks dope with her bike, but she is also a really good painter. She loves sharing her painting photos on Instagram, which has over 12.1k followers. In her painting, you can tell that she has a good artistic sense and painting skills. Let check out her stunning paintings now!

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