Follow this E-Book to train up your sexual ability in 1 month

Do you want to make your partner more enjoyable on bed?

Research says women have far less satisfaction during sex when comparing to men. The reason is simple, women in general need much longer time to get in mood and much consistent stimulation to trigger orgasms, while men can easily get to orgasm with burst of thrusting.

Men only need few minutes of thrusting and penetrations to achieve orgasm, so it is quite often women are not satisfied when men already does, especially when some of us are not physically strong enough to spice up their partner’s sex lives.

But don’t worry! Sexual performance is trainable, especially on erection hardness, durability and penetration frequency. As a modern day gentlemen, we gotta put our partners in mind during sex and aims to bring her the best experience. That’s why we should constantly train up ourselves and get better in terms of sexual ability.

This E-Book contains steps by step guide and instructions on how to transform your wildest sex fantasies into reality by training up yourself with 12 work from home exercises, which if you follow through you will be improving your sexual ability in just one month.

This book will cover:

  • Reasons why women’s orgasm rate is not as high as men
  • Study on most attractive body parts of men for women
  • 12 Powerful equipment-less exercises targeting different parts of your body for better sexual performance
  • Instructions for each exercises
  • Benefits of each exercise to take your sex life to a whole new level